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How To Travel Safely With Your Baby In The Car

Driving with your baby, no matter the distance can be a stressful experience. However, you can turn it around and make it an excellent experience for the whole family with careful planning and a bit of creativity.

There's no telling whether your baby will be sound asleep during the ride or cry non-stop and refuse to sleep. There's no way to know how your child will behave or if the whole experience will be the same as your last trip.

LDSF Essential Baby Car Safety Tips

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When it comes to your children's safety, an infant car seat is the best investment you should have no second thoughts of purchasing. It is the best protection you can give your child whenever you're traveling. Ever state in the US requires that a small child or baby should be restrained during transport.

Life Sciences Discovery Fund: AAP Updates Recommendations On Baby Car Seats

Life Sciences Discovery Fund found out that the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP has changed its recommendations on how parents should keep their baby safe during the ride. The AAP reviews and updates their statement policies regularly to ensure your babies are given maximum protection.

LSDF Guide To Choosing The Best Car Seats And Booster Seats

Here at Life Sciences Discovery Fund, we believe that it is crucial that your baby travels with you in a proper car safety seat. They are specifically designed to protect your child safer in your vehicle during the drive. They provide protection to infants and young children in case of a crash.

According to studies, the main cause of death for kids between the age of one and thirteen is car crashes. For this reason, it is vital to select and use the proper safety seat correctly each time your precious baby is in the car with you.

Essential Driving Safety Tips and Tricks That Can Save Your Life By Life Sciences Discovery Fund

Accidents can happen without warning. Everyone is not safe even if you're the most experienced and skilled driver out there. Occasionally brushing up on traffic safety basics and following the CDOT Tips on safe driving is a good idea to ensure that you will not put yourself or other people at risk.

Every time you go behind the wheel, safety should always be your top concern. Keep in mind that once you hit the road, it's your responsibility to keep the road safe not just for you and your passenger but for other pedestrians and drivers as well.