2012-2013 Granting Programs

Update July 24, 2013: The 2012-2013 granting programs are closed.

The following types of grants are available for Washington for-profit and non-profit organizations :

  • Proof of Concept grants (up to $250,000 per award) to enhance the commercial viability of intellectual property developed by non-profit organizations or enhance the competitiveness of early-stage companies for private equity investment. (This grant mechanism combines the Commercialization and PreCede mechanisms offered in prior years.) 
  • Opportunity grants (up to $1.4 million per award) to capitalize on projects that offer LSDF the ability to leverage its funds against those invested contemporaneously by other sources.

LSDF is implementing a new submission and review process for 2012-2013:

  • Year-round application submission
  • Monthly pre-proposal reviews (includes a presentation and interview)*
  • Quarterly proposal reviews and awards by the LSDF Board of Trustees*

View Application Dates & Deadlines for specific dates.



All applicants must submit a pre-proposal to be considered for a grant. Only a subset of pre-proposals will be invited to submit a proposal. Invitations to submit a full proposal expire on July 23, 2013.

Up to $7,000,000 will be available for award through September 2013, with no specific allocations or quotas by grant type (Proof of Concept vs. Opportunity) or applicant organization type (for-profit vs. non-profit). As awards are made, the remaining balance of funds will be available on this page. 

Update March 15, 2013: LSDF has posted the following documents:

  • A revised Request for Proposals (RFP). All applicants should review this document carefully and note the changes from the prior RFP.
  • An FAQ focused on LSDF’s grant payback requirements. For-profit entities are especially encouraged to read this FAQ carefully before applying for LSDF funding.

Info Session

Presentation slides from the informational webcast

Recorded webcast

Key Dates

Request for Proposals Release Date: Thursday, August 9, 2012
Online Application System Open for Pre-Proposal Submission: Thursday, August 9, 2012
Online Pre-Proposal Submission Ongoing with monthly deadline for review assignment*
Pre-Proposal Review Meeting/(and PI Interview for Proof of Concept Applicants): Monthly*
Expiration Date for Proposal Submission Invitation Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Proposals Due by 5 p.m.: Quarterly*
Proposal Review Meeting/PI Interview: Quarterly*
Board of Trustees Proposal Evaluation and Award: Quarterly*

View Application Dates & Deadlines for specific dates.