2013-2014 Proof of Concept Grants

Update June 18, 2014: 2013-2014 Proof of Concept Grants are closed for new applications.

Proof of Concept grants are intended to enhance the commercial viability of health-related technologies or concepts developed by non-profit organizations or enhance the competitiveness of early-stage companies for private equity investment. The maximum award is $250,000 in total costs.

Submission and review process:

  • Three cycles of pre-proposal review, proposal review, and awards by the LSDF Board of Trustees through August 2014. Up to 32 pre-proposals will be reviewed per cycle.
  • Pre-proposals are reviewed every four months and require a presentation and interview.
  • Invited proposals are due one month after pre-proposal reviews and reviewed the following month. Proposal reviews require a presentation and interview.
  • Awards are made one month after proposal reviews.
  • If a pre-proposal results in an invitation to submit a proposal, that invitation is valid only for the proposal deadline immediately following the pre-proposal review.

All applicants must submit a pre-proposal through LSDF’s online system to be considered for a grant. Only a subset of pre-proposals will be invited to submit a proposal.

Update October 30, 2013: Up to $4.5 million is available for award through August 2014, with no specific allocations or quotas by applicant organization type (for-profit vs. non-profit). LSDF’s intent is to distribute up to $1.5 million per cycle. As awards are made, the remaining balance of funds will be available on this page.

Update December 16, 2013: Awards for Cycle 1 were announced in December 2013.

Update April 17, 2014: The final award decision meeting has been moved from August 18, 2014 to August 29, 2014.

Update April 21, 2014: Awards for Cycle 2 were announced in April 2014.

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August 29, 2014

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Info Session (Update October 30, 2013: Up to $4.5 million is available for award through August 2014)