2010 Grant Competitions - Commercialization Grant

Commercialization Grant Competition Updated February 8, 2011

Commercialization grants encourage commercialization of science, moving technology from discovery to development for eventual delivery to the marketplace. Commercialization grants target research efforts centered on validating the commercial merit of new technologies. This type of research is often referred to as prototype development, proof of principle, and reduction to practice. Up to $750,000 in total awards will be distributed in each of two rounds of the 2010 competition.

2010 Commercialization Grant Competition - Round 2 Webcast Briefing

Both rounds of the 2010 commercialization grant competition are closed. Awards were announced in July 2010 (Round 1) and February and August 2011 (Round 2). Awards are subject to specific grant agreement terms and conditions negotiated between the recipient organizations and the Life Sciences Discovery Fund. Awards are contingent pending final grant agreement execution.