Essential Driving Safety Tips and Tricks That Can Save Your Life By Life Sciences Discovery Fund

Accidents can happen without warning. Everyone is not safe even if you're the most experienced and skilled driver out there. Occasionally brushing up on traffic safety basics and following the CDOT Tips on safe driving is a good idea to ensure that you will not put yourself or other people at risk.

Colorado Department of Transportation

Every time you go behind the wheel, safety should always be your top concern. Keep in mind that once you hit the road, it's your responsibility to keep the road safe not just for you and your passenger but for other pedestrians and drivers as well.

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Learning how to become a defensive driver can help you dodge crashes and reduce your risk on the road. It will also aid you when you're driving through most traffic and road situations, as well as anticipate the chances of any accidents.

Most drivers think that they're a great driver, when in fact they're not. You will encounter different driver scenarios while on the road. There are drivers who go beyond the speed limit, while there are those who are not 100% focused and tend to wander into the other lane. There are also those that like to weave in and out of traffic or take a sudden turn without even signaling.

These aggressive drivers are a hazard on the road and cause around 75% or traffic mishaps. However these days, distracted driving is becoming a significant problem on the road with individuals checking their phones for messages, taking selfies, talking on the phone, and eating.

You will not be able to control what these drivers do. But by honing your skills at defensive driving, you will be able to avoid the risks brought about by these kind of drivers.

Driving Safety Tips & Tricks

Here are a few driving safety tips from us here at Life Sciences Discovery Fund that you need to keep in mind before going on a drive:

  • Wear your seatbelt at all times. This is a basic tip that can make a difference between life and death in the event of a crash. Aside from putting your life in danger for not buckling up, but you will be slapped with a fine for not doing so.
  • Follow traffic signals. Always obey and closely pay attention to traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Stick with speed limits. Make sure to obey the speed limit posted every time. These restrictions are set carefully to ensure your utmost protection, as well as the establishments, homes, structures, and people within the roadway location.
  • Focus. From traffic laws and road conditions to speed and traffic signs, there are many things you need to think about when driving. It's a task that involves a lot of thinking, that's why you need to stay focused on driving alone every time you're behind the wheel.
  • Always stay active and alert. When you're driving, pay attention not just to your actions but to those of other drivers on the road as well.
  • No to texting and driving. Whenever you're behind the wheel, it is never acceptable to send a text.
  • Be patient. A lot of road accidents are caused by drivers who are impatient and rushing to get to their destination. No matter how critical time is for you, your safety is even more valuable.

Driving Safely with your Baby

When you're on the road with your baby, you'll have to level up your safety awareness. The best way to protect your child in the event of a car crash is by making sure he or she is using the right car safety seat.

Car seats come in different styles and types depending on your child's age, height, and weight. You easily buy an infant car seat, convertible car seat or booster seat in your local baby store.

When on the market for a safety seat, choose the one that's suitable for your baby's size, fits well in your vehicle, and has good safety ratings. Not every seat is created equally, so before making any purchase, it is best to read online reviews and feedback from other parents on a certain brand or model you're interested in.