For Grantees

The following documents relate to the grant agreement between LSDF and grantees and the requirements of grantees under that agreement including: budget policies; collaboration/intellectual property agreements; milestones and timelines; reimbursement requests; and financial, progress, and invention reporting.

Award Documents

Provided to assist in the understanding and construction of the LSDF grant agreement.

  • Statewide Payee Registration
    In order to receive payment, you must register with the Statewide Payee Desk.
  • Sample Intellectual Property Agreement
    Research and development activities between the grantee and subcontracting or collaborating organizations must be supported by an agreement that, at a minimum, makes explicit provision for the disposition of intellectual property rights among the organizations. If the grantee does not have a standard form for this type of agreement, the attached example can serve as an appropriate agreement for this purpose.
  • Milestones and Timelines Construction
    Grantees are required to provide milestones, and the timeline for their achievement, with their grant agreement, and the “how-to" guide uses an acceptable format and style with a hypothetical grant.  An editable template in that format is provided for new grantees but is not mandatory.

Budget/Fiscal Documents and Procedures

Provided to assist grantees in understanding the management of LSDF grant budgets.

Reporting Tools

Provided to assist grantees in understanding LSDF's requirements for submission of progress and invention reports.