Graco Affix Review: Is It The Right Car Seat For Your And Your Toddler?‚Äč

Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

Graco is a well-known international brand manufacturing quality highchairs, strollers, and car seats. The Graco Affix is their latest offering under their car seat line and has everything you'd expect from Graco. It feels durable, simple to assemble and install, and has excellent safety ratings.

This highback booster seat which you can switch in a backless booster features a LATCH system that help keeps the seat securely in place even if your child is not on it. You can easily tighten the LATCH straps of the booster thanks to its specially designed front-adjustment strap.

High back booster seats offer a lot of conveniences especially when your baby has outgrown his convertible car seat. Find out if the Graco Affix is the perfect booster for you and your little one on this LSDFA review.

Key Features

  • Cup holder and pull-out compartment
  • LATCH connectors
  • Expiration is 10 years
  • Converts into a backless booster car seat
  • Front-adjustment LATCH tightening strap
  • Fully-adjustable 6-position headrest
  • Crash tested and engineered to meet or surpass the US standard FMVSS 213
Graco Affix

The Graco Affix is specifically designed to accommodate children weighing 30 to 100 pounds and with a height of up to 57 inches, making it the only car seat for "big kids" you'll ever need. But what makes it stand out from the rest of its kind is that you can use your own vehicle's LATCH system with the car seat when securing it at the backseat.

Both of its sides have little armrests for extra comfort for your toddler. It also has an adjustable headrest suitable to your growing kid, and eventually, you can utilize it as a backless booster seat instead of a high back.

The car seat also features a convenient built-in cup holder and a pull-out storage drawer for your child's favorite snacks. It's a convenient and comfortable seating that your growing toddler will need.

Child Size Restrictions

Affix Backless Mode
Mode Weight range Height range
Highback 30 to 100 pounds 38 to 57 inches
Backless 40 to 100 pounds 43 to 57 inches

The Affix's 6-position headrest can really accommodate the height of your growing little one well. Its seat belt provides a good fit from your child's belly and diagonally across his collarbone.

However, most children feel that it has a lot of padding in the bottom of the seat. And although it offers leg support, they find it uncomfortable when dangling their legs. The smooth seat belt guide and wide armrests help them buckle themselves in easily though.

Your child should at least be three years old to use the highback mode and four years of age for the backless position. If you have a taller kid for his age, he may outgrow the booster seat before he passes its weight restriction.


It's simple to use the Graco Affix. It has lower anchor connectors to keep it secure while your little one is not riding it. This will save you and your child from always having to buckle it in when they get out of your vehicle. An unsecured and unoccupied booster will become a massive projectile in case of a car crash.

You need to assemble the highback mode of the Affix. Its armrests, base, and back are unassembled and separated. Assembling the armrests are quite straightforward and have right and left labels. You simply snap the back in place onto the seat's bottom while it's laying down. Lock it in and adjust it up.


The Affix booster comes with a strap for both lower anchor connector straps. Simply pull the two straps located at the seat's front to tighten them. These connectors are standard clip style on adjustable webbing straps, unlike some booster seats that have rigid lower anchor connectors which are placed on a fixed bar.

Attach both connectors to the lower anchor of your vehicle and then tighten them. As mentioned earlier, this feature is convenient since you and your child don't have to remember constantly buckling the car seat when not in use.

Fit To Vehicle

  • Widest point at front: 18 in
  • Widest point at back: 14 in
  • Headrest width: 16 in
  • Interior seating width: 10 in
  • Interior seating depth: 14 in
  • Headrest interior: 6.5 to 10.5 in
  • Seat weight: 10 lbs

This car seat is not overly wide. It has an 18-inch widest point in front and pulling out its snack holder will only add 2.5 inches to its width. The base at the back of the Graco Affix measures 16 inches. It's light enough to transfer from one vehicle to another easily as well.

The highback mode of the Affix does not require a headrest unlike numerous boosters out there. However, your child will need enough head support when using it in its backless position.


Graco Booster Seat

The Graco Affix may not be the tallest booster seat available on the market today, but it'll be more than enough for what you may need. It's easy to use, lightweight, and you can easily move it in between vehicles.