Welcome to the Life Sciences Discovery Fund 2009 Grant Competitions

The Life Sciences Discovery Fund uses an on-line application submission system to receive and process grant applications. Before using the on-line application, please read the RFP that corresponds to the specific funding opportunity for which you are applying. RFPs can be found at:


The LSDF application process for the project and program grant competitions has two components:

  1. Letter of Intent submission
  2. Proposal submission

The LSDF application process for the commercialization grant competitions has two components:

  1. Pre-proposal submission
  2. Proposal submission

The on-line application system is designed to accept both components. The system is accessed via a log-in screen which asks for an email address and password. Applicants must register to save their email address and password to the system. To register, an applicant must also have an entity identification number (EIN) or federal tax identification number. To gain access to the system log-in screen, use the drop down menu at the bottom of this page and select the appropriate application type (letter of intent or proposal) and action (initiate or resume.)

The on-line system allows applicants to save their progress, so that all the components of a given application do not have to be completed in one session.

Letters of intent and proposals are always due at 5:00pm (PDT) on their respective due date.

Please refer to the Current Funding Opportunities page for details on the components of the application.

System Note to Applicants from Public Educational Institutions

For database tracking and continuity, LSDF has pre-populated the EIN numbers and address of the sponsored research offices of the public universities across the state.

For new users, when registering you will be asked to enter your EIN and if someone has already registered from your.organization, you will be prompted with that.organization's information. If you are given this option, please do not create a new.organization, even if the address is different from your location. You will be given a chance to enter your specific location's address later.

For returning users working on applications, you may see pre-populated new address information; please do not modify this information. Principal investigators will be asked for their respective mailing address and department however, the official.organization address and EIN will be that of the sponsored research office.

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Modified: 05/14/09