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LSDF 07-01 Beneficial applications of technology in health care: Improving health-care quality and cost effectiveness

Note: The 07-01 competition is closed. Award selections were made on September 18, 2007. Award projects are described in Projects and Profiles.

The inaugural funding opportunity of the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, LSDF 07-01 Beneficial Applications of Technology in Health Care is designed to encourage sharply focused research projects. $3-$6 million will be awarded to support proposals demonstrating beneficial applications of technology for improving health-care quality and/or cost effectiveness. Awards are expected to range between $250,000 and $1 million dollars and to extend from one to three years, though there is no fixed cap on amount or length. The Facilities & Administration (F&A;) allowance for grants in this funding cycle will be a fixed 15% of direct, allowable costs.

Information for Applicants

The following information was made available to applicants to assist them in participating in the LSDF 07-01 competition.

Applications Received

Applications for this competition include both letters of intent and full proposals. A summary of the available information received by LSDF in these applications is posted here:

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