2007 Opportunities

LSDF 07-02: Innovative Programs to Advance Health Research

This funding opportunity — LSDF 07-02 — has been designed to support new programs of research with the potential to achieve significant scientific, competitive, health, and economic benefits for Washington State. Proposals are invited from Washington nonprofit organizations, singly or in collaboration either with other nonprofits or with for-profit companies.

Program proposals eligible for LSDF 07-02 funding may request support for many kinds of activities. A few examples are included here to suggest the range of possibilities:

The benefits derived from programs in this competition are also varied. Examples of benefits include the following:

07-02 Letters of Intent received

When the Letters of Intent have been processed, a brief summary of the available information they contain will be posted here.

Note: Letters of intent for LSDF 07-02 were due on August 8, 2007. Only applicants who submitted an LOI by that date are eligible to submit full proposals in the competition. Proposals are due by October 24, 2007.