The Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) provides an array of funding opportunities to advance life sciences research and outcomes in the State of Washington. The Fund's grant-making opportunities are designed to leverage the state's investment in research by achieving three goals:

LSDF provides grants for two different kinds of opportunities: projects and programs. "Projects" are investigator-initiated scientific studies, relatively limited in scope, with a sharply defined research focus. "Programs," on the other hand, are strategic research initiatives, usually broad in scale, designed to address problems within a field of study and to position an.organization or.organizations for future competiveness and leadership.

Eligible applicants include Washington non profit institutions,.organizations, and agencies. Among these are public and private universitites, public health departments, public and private hospitals, and health systems and clinics. Partnerships among nonprofit and for-profit, public and private, laboratory researchers and clinicians, and interdisciplinary collaborations are also eligible and encourged to apply.

In all of its competitions, LSDF advances its primary goals by evaluating proposals according to a consistent set of general criteria:

LSDF works with grantees to advance all these outcomes. Award agreements will identify specific results and establish timelines and milestones to measure success. During and after the grant period, recipients will provide detailed reports that permit evaluation of the Fund's awards programs.

Grant Review Process

The Life Sciences Discovery Fund is charged with the three-fold mission of enhancing life sciences competitiveness, improving health and fostering economic development in Washington State. LSDF addresses this charge by soliciting the best new ideas from Washington's researchers and after thorough due dilligence, investing public monies in the most outstanding programs and projects. For more information LSDF Grant Review Process

LSDF Policies Related to Grant Review:

Reviewer Guidelines:

Public Disclosure

The Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) is a public agency of the State of Washington. As such it must comply with the Washington State Public Records Act RCW 42.56.. Consistent with the law, LSDF will disclose all requested public records unless a specific exemption permits it to withhold all or parts of those records.

Modified: 01/20/09