Stemming from recommendations in the Bio 21 Report, Governor Chris Gregoire and the Washington State Legislature created the Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) as an investment in the future of the life sciences sector in Washington.

In May 2005, Governor Gregoire signed Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 5581 establishing the Fund with a directive to "promote life sciences research to foster a preventative and predictive vision of the next generation of health-related innovations, to enhance the competitive position of Washington state in this vital sector of the economy, and to improve the quality and delivery of health care for the people of Washington."

LSDF is a historic step forward for Washington state. By turning the ambitious, bi-partisan vision of Bio 21 into law, the Legislature and the Governor committed Washington to an economic development strategy with health and science at its core. Thanks to their efforts, the state is engaged in growing life sciences competitiveness, creating new jobs and economic opportunity, and advancing health and health care for its citizens.

To learn more about LSDF's origins and objectives, refer to the following documents: